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For two weeks now, within the walls of Gimnasio Latino High School, the students have been working on an extracurricular English club in order to improve their level in the subject. This club, however, is something different to what they are used to so far. As a part of the club, the students can play, dance and even share treats with each other, even the teacher had the opportunity to share something with his de ingles 2

Most of the activities are made as a game to inspire the students to participate and take part of it. At first (and even now) the students are a little reluctant to stand up and take part of the club, but that’s alright! Our goal is to encourage the student by doing it little by little and let him/her participate whenever he/she feels conformable.

Down there we have a picture of two students (Alexandra and Laurenth) sharing a dialogue with the class. In previous occasions, these two young ladies have taken part in dictations, singing contests, spelling bee competitions and so on.

Let’s hope that these kind of initiatives last for a very long time from now and that students realize the importance of learning English nowadays.


With these last words, we encourage to our community to engage in the process and also support the efforts that our students are doing to be the best they can.


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