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Earlier on this year we had an incredible event. It was July the 30th and it was a really hot and beautiful morning. I was really busy teaching my classes with the 6th graders. Suddenly, I was called from the principal’s office. I was expecting them but not at that moment. So I went to the office and there they were, my friends Rammone and Ravonne Pious, identical twins from the visita internacional 2

I met them back in Benedict College, in Columbia, South Carolina-USA, during my Summer-winter exchange. They came first to Colombia in 2014 and they loved our country so much that they returned here a year after.

I personally asked them to come to the school because I thought it was the perfect way to encourage students to learn English. I wanted to show them that it is not that difficult and that everyone is capable of do it. At the same time, they really love Spanish, so it was the perfect exchange of experiences between two people who are trying to learn a second language.

latino visita internacionalThe students were really excited to meet them! Some of them even used the words in English that I thought them in previous classes. A lot of them took the risk to actually try to communicate with them. I felt that my job as a teacher was a success.

Although every single student came and surround them, many of them were asking the same question: Weren’t they supposed to be white, blonde and blue eyes? I could not help but laugh at these comments!

So I explained them that like here in Colombia, in the USA also lived many different people from different skin color and from different cultures. And like us, they were wrong at the time of following a stereotype as they were shown in movies.

Everyone seemed to understand that differentiation and for me it was a huge satisfaction to contribute to the tolerance among people from all over the world.

There were pictures, videos, questions, answers, laughs, and happiness and most important, the kids made them feel at home.

And finally there is just something left to say: “THANK YOU GUYS” for helping me inspire these young minds to learn something new and to be able to think out of the box.

I hope you guys can come again to Colombia, to work together again inspiring young people to move forward and to teach love and tolerance.



English Teacher

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