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  • Maria Curiel. Directora del Latino

Although grant was not personally involved, he loyally defended his subordinates


GOLDILOCKS AND FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADERS I had the blessing to guide fourth and fifth graders in the process or putting together the play Goldilocks and the three bears. We had fun, we practiced, we studied, and we practiced some more, the result? A great performance, my students speaking English naturally, automatically and fluently, all of my students learning all of their friends’ parts in the play. Thank you Goldilocks, you were the perfect ex
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For two weeks now, within the walls of Gimnasio Latino High School, the students have been working on an extracurricular English club in order to improve their level in the subject. This club, however, is something different to what they are used to so far. As a part of the club, the students can play, dance and even share treats with each other, even the teacher had the opportunity to share something with his students. Most of the activities are
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Algo que no sabías!!!

Muchas veces estudiamos temas sin conocer su procedencia o su utilidad, asumimos los conceptos que nos enseñan los docentes como verdades absolutas y no nos dedicamos a indagar sobre el significado o la raíz del asunto tratado. Entre esos aspectos está el uso de las letras griegas en  las matemáticas. A muchos se nos salió una sonrisa pícara acompañada de algo de vergüenza al escuchar a nuestros profesores de física o matemáticas hablar de “teta”
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